Winter Snuggles – NEW Baby Sleeping Bag & Swaddle Set

Check out the latest news from ergobaby! The new Baby Sleeping Bag and Swaddle Set is a wonderful gift for new parents.

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Ergobaby December Newsletter
Winter is approaching, and it’s the season of warmth, comfort, good friends, good food and family. This is a time to slow down and nurture and appreciate each other. To nurture the newest addition to the family, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our Baby Sleeping Bag + Swaddle Set. Our newest baby item in the “sleep tool kit” for tired parents is our easy-to-use swaddling solution for newborns. This unique product offers an option for transitioning out of swaddling, and the Sleeping Bag grows with your baby up to 9 months!

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Need an extra set of hands for the holidays? How about just your hands! Babywearing can be a great help for holiday prep, so be sure to read our tips on how to include your little one in the fun. The holidays can also be a stressful time for new parents, so remember to nurture yourself too. Our friend Abby, a licensed psychotherapist, shares her tips for preventing holiday stress for new parents.

Safe Sleep Tips
Mom with Baby in the Lightweight Blue Swaddler
Sleepy time just got one hundred percent cuter with the addition of our Swaddler in new prints. Swaddling is a wonderful way to mimic the coziness of the womb for baby in the “fourth trimester” and to help baby sleep soundly. For safe sleep tips from our resident sleep expert, Rebecca Michi, click here.

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Holiday Prep and Babywearing
Mom with baby in the Original Carrier
Holiday prep is so much fun, and now with a baby, it’s even more exciting! Little ones make everything new again, and it’s so great to be able to include them in not only the festivities, but also the preparation and planning.

Holiday Prep Tips

12 Tips for Preventing Holiday Stress for New Parents
Mom with baby in the Adapt carrier
The good things about holidays include extended family, lots of rich food/drinks, and a break from the routine. The bad news is that they also include extended family, lots of rich food/drinks, and a break from the routine. With a lot of everything going on, many of us, especially new parents, may be more vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression. Read our tips from guest blogger and psychotherapist Abby Burd to help prevent stress and depression during the holidays and stay balanced.

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